Why adopt the Responsible Wool Standard?

An Industry Benchmark.

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is a voluntary, independent standard developed to recognise world-leading practices in animal welfare and land management. The standard promotes the development of progressive farm management techniques and the adoption of innovative practices in the wool industry.

Drive Consumer Confidence.

The RWS framework provides a robust chain of custody system from farm to final product, promoting consumer confidence in products bearing the RWS symbol. The result? An increased value proposition.

The Five Freedoms of Sheep.

The heart of the RWS is treatment of sheep with respect to their five freedoms:

  • The freedom from hunger and thirst;
  • The freedom from discomfort;
  • The freedom from pain, injury or distress;
  • The freedom to express normal behaviour; and
  • The freedom from fear and distress.

Our growers can attest to the satisfaction and superior fibre quality that results when sheep are treated according to these principles, and when land is managed with a long-term view toward integrity and longevity for future generations.

Why not?

If you are a grower committed to animal welfare and land management, why not adopt the RWS and have your efforts recognised at the farm gate and beyond?

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Read more at the offical RWS website or download the complete Responsible Wool Standard at http://responsiblewool.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/RWS-standard.pdf