About the Co-Op

We give Australian merino growers a voice in the global marketplace by interacting directly with brands and end consumers.


The world is changing, and so is our industry. Currently, we tend to lose visibility of our merino wool once it leaves the farm gate. We rarely have a say as to how it is marketed or sold, even though our merino wool ultimately becomes some of the most luxurious and functional products in the world.

To address this, the Co-Op has come together to promote Australia’s farm practices, to demonstrate the care and welfare we have for our animals, to share our commitment to land management, and to continually reinvest in sustainable and productive practices for future generations.

Join the grower’s Co-Op and gain a voice in the global wool industry. Help us share our stories with an engaged and interested consumer – a consumer who deserves to know where and how their merino wool is grown.

Member benefits

The Co-Op offers its members several levels of benefits. We are genuinely interested in sharing and collaborating across the application of better farm practices for increased productivity, heightened consumer awareness and more sustainable returns over a longer term.

As a paid-up Co-Op member you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Merino growers Co-Op website, to access the latest industry accreditation knowledge and learning
  • MyOrigins AgTech platform, to record, access and manage your on-farm data aligned to meeting the RWS and other industry standards 
  • Merino growers Co-Op social media platforms, to share and celebrate industry achievements and stories
  • Commercial activities, engaged by the Co-Op to further the Australian merino wool industry
  • Shared ownership in the Co-Op, and rights to participate in the democratic voting process for the board and various office bearer roles

Who are we?

We are a collaborative group of growers who practice, endorse and plan to implement best practices for animal welfare, native pasture redevelopment, native animal protection and management of our water resources.

If you’re a like-minded Australian merino wool grower, we invite you to contact us today and discuss the benefits of joining the Co-Op.

Become a member

We always welcome like-minded growers to the Co-Op. Simply complete the registration process or subscribe to our updates below.