The Co-Op is a community of like-minded Australian merino wool growers who support responsible animal and landscape management and does so by leveraging a high standard for the wool industry, the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).

Our members can come from anywhere in Australia.

Our members share a commitment to treating their animals and land with respect by leveraging a high standard for the wool industry, the Responsible Wool Standard.

At one level, this involves certification and compliance with the RWS with a regular cycle of third party auditing. At another level, it simply means taking care to ensure that their sheep are happy, and the land retains its integrity for future generations.

Simply contact us or complete this form, and let us know of your interest. One of our friendly team members will attend to your enquiry as soon as possible.

As a paid-up Co-Op member you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Merino Growers Co-Op website, to access the latest industry accreditation knowledge and learning;
  • MyOrigins AgTech platform, to record, access and manage your on-farm data aligned to meeting the RWS and other industry standards;
  • Merino Growers Co-Op social media platforms, to share and celebrate industry achievements and stories;
  • Commercial activities, engaged by the Co-Op to further the Australian merino wool industry; and
  • Shared ownership in the Co-Op, and rights to participate in the democratic voting process for the board and various office bearer roles.

Initial Joining Fee:

  • $300.00 (incl GST) - paid in as capital to the Co-Op resulting in 25 Shares of Co-Op ownership being issued per member
  • $200.00 (excl GST) - paid as an annual subscription fee on the anniversary date of joining the Co-Op

The Directors of the AEMG Cooperative Limited Board:

  • Anita Taylor, Co-Chair (NSW)
  • Rae Young, Co-Chair (Tasmania)
  • Michael Taylor, Director (NSW)
  • Andrew Ross, Independent Director (NSW)
  • Katrina Blomfield, Co-Op Secretary

To find out more about our officeholders, feel free to contact us.

The Co-Op utilises a democratic voting process according to a “one man, one vote” system. This means that your voice is equally important to decisions that are taken, regardless of your investment in the Co-Op.

The Co-Op seeks to partner with innovative technology providers in order to directly link its members with brands and consumers.

MyOrigins, with its new AgTech platform, is an example of such a partnership. By utilising blockchain technology, the platform enables consumers to trace their products to the source of the fibre. This traceability feature creates an opportunity for growers to be part of a brand new “Single Source Fibre” market, in which final products are wholly-made from fibres grown at a single farm location. This greatly increases the value proposition and educates consumers about the origins of their products.

In addition, by reducing the number of intermediaries, growers are given a voice as to how their fibre is sold and marketed beyond the farm gate. Growers also enjoy the immense professional and personal satisfaction of seeing their own fibres transformed into some of the finest products in the world.

Any worthwhile opportunity for delivering increased value to Co-Op members will be collectively explored with commercial partners and brands.

We’re sorry to hear that you do and invite you to give us feedback.

Please contact us today and one of our friendly team members will be in touch as soon as possible.